Yoshisada’s Masterpiece WWII Gunto Katana with Edo Period Heritage and NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certification


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A beautiful old Japanese samurai sword blade in WWII officers Gunto mountings.
Discover the historical allure of a WWII Gunto Version Katana crafted by the skilled swordsmith Bungo Yoshisada during the Edo Period 1600.
This exceptional blade, recently resharpened to perfection, showcases the beauty of Bungo Province’s sword-making tradition from the late Muromachi to early Edo periods. Embrace the authenticity and craftsmanship with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certification, ensuring the blade’s remarkable condition.
With a length of 68.1 cm and a Sori warping of 2.1 cm, this katana boasts an elegant design.
The hamachi width of 3.1 cm, kasane measurements, and a Kissaki width of 2.05 cm contribute to its unique characteristics.
This collectible piece not only holds historical significance but also stands as a testament to Bungo Yoshisada’s artistry.
The recent resharpening ensures the blade’s pristine condition, making it an ideal addition to any discerning collector’s repertoire.
Uncover the legacy of Bungo Province’s swordsmithing heritage through this meticulously crafted katana.
The sword’s historical journey, combined with its stunning design, makes it a noteworthy artifact for enthusiasts and collectors alike.
Acquire this piece of history and witness the exceptional craftsmanship that defines Bungo Yoshisada’s legacy.
Don’t miss the opportunity to own a WWII Gunto Version Katana with a rich Edo Period heritage,
expertly resharpened and certified by NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon , This beautiful sword comes with a free sword rack, as shown in the photos.

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