Very nice original precious Japanese Buddhist Ken


Very nice original precious Japanese Ken
Made in the Muromachi period.
The Ken is mumei , a real Japanese Ken is never signed.
It’s what the Buddhist gods have in their hand.
Tsurugi (Ken) dagger has been used as Buddhist fittings and implements used in the practice of religious austerity in a temple. The subject work maintains an almost original form from the ancient Heian to Muromachi period. Tsurugi (Ken) daggers were made under devout worship of Esoteric Buddhism and offered to high ranking Buddhist priests by the sword makers who belonged exclusively to the greatest temples like Todai-ji 東大寺 or Koufuku-ji 興福寺, therefore most of them were originally made unsigned.
The sublime beauty of fine steel arts, abundant activities of Quenching process and also exquisite taste of patina deserve high praise With full of classical grace from 800 decades of history.
Silver ken with Muromachi period blade.
A ken is a double edge sword, a style that goes back to the beginning of Japanese sword making.
It is highly regarded in the Japanese culture as we see the use of ken on one of the most famous buddhist Deity’s Fudo-Myoo.
He holds a ken in his hands in every representation of him both statues and paintings.
It matches well with the carefully carved dragons throughout, as a dragon itself a deity in many asian cultures.
The dragon would protect the wearer in this particular case.
The Mino school of the Muromachi period was one of the most powerful School as they had a reputation for making very sharp swords.