Very Nice Japanese Katana Sword made by Horii Hideaki Toshihide with NBTHK Hozon paper


Very Nice Japanese Sword Shiga Taro Gen Hideaki Taishō 12 Hatsuharu (Toshihide Horii)
Katana Horii Hideaki Toshihide
Production area Country Hokkaido Hottkaido
Features Toshihide Horii became a disciple of Horii Kaneyoshi and Horii Yumei in Meiji 37,
and became Horii’s adopted son and son-in-law in Meiji 44.
He later became the third generation of Horii Ichimon and was given the name of Hideaki who assumed the character of Hide,
Mizushinko Masahide of the Sword Preservation Association in Taisho 2,
joined the company at the invitation of Japan Steel Muroran Industry Co.,
Ltd. in Taisho 7 and Watarido, crown prince was born in Showa 8,
and since he was called “Prince Akihito” he changed his name to Toshihide in honor of this,
Horii Toshihide is a sword maker representing Taisho and the early Showa period,
including military swords of Chichibu Palace, Takamatsu Palace, Higashikunabe Palace,
He trained a dagger given to him by the Imperial Household Ministry.
Preserved Sword with NBTHK Hozon
Blade length 66.9 cm Curvature Sori 1.06 cm
Original width Width at the Hamachi 2.8 cm
Motoshige Kasane Just over 6mm
先width Wide with the Kissaki 1.7 cm
先重 Saki kasane 4.5mm
Era Jidai Taisho ear (A.D.12)

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