A beautiful Japanese Wakizashi a real Masterpiece with a Spectacular Sukashibori Horimono made by Fujiwara Kunimichi .


This beautiful wakizashi is very rare there are not many swordsmiths who can make this except , Kunimichi he was a student of HOROKAWA KUNIHIRO and was recognized as an excellent blacksmith the most clever and skillful in the Horikawa Mon.
Kunimichi enjoyed a long life and extant date features range from the 13th year of Keicho 1608 to the 3rd year Meireki 1657.
His typical Hamon is the same as Kunihiro his teacher, but his scope of work is much wider with Kunimichi the wildness of the Hamon is very intense ,
therefore there is much more nie and nioi than Kunihiro, and these are works with a sense of exuberance.
This Wakizashi shows his best work in the Hamon and is spectacular. In addition,
the Sukashibori Horimono is spectacular and cut on both sides and goes from one side to the other with almost identical work on both sides and fine details.
Normally as Swords have been polished over the years the Horimono sharpness would diminish and on very old Swords the Horimono has been polished to the point where most of it has disappeared from repeated sword polishing. However, on this Wakizashi, the Horimono is 100% perfect,
as is the rest of the sword in extremely healthy condition.
The shine is also supreme and this Wakizashi is a masterpiece by Kunimichi.
Hand held and observed the Wakizashi excels in beauty and supreme craftsmanship.
Wakizashi Signed: Dewa No Daijo Fujiwara Kunimichi
Era: Edo Shinto
Nakago: Ubu (Untouched original) Maru Mune, Yasurime is o-sujigai. The finish is excellent.
May: The large and deep tagane atari are rich in ambition.
Nagasa: (blade length) 45.6 cm
Meguki Ana : One Hole
Width at Hamachi : 3.2 cm
Width at Kissaki: 2.2 cm
Sori : 1.25 cm
Kasane : 0.6 cm
Hamon : Nie – Deki Notare with Gunome / on this Wakizashi he created a wild and intense spectacular Hamon.
Of the many Kunimichi I’ve seen in Japan, this is one of his supreme works.
Jitetsu: Koitame Hada well grained with Mokume-Hada mixed with Jinie added.
Certification: NBTHK Hozon certification stating the authenticity
Shirasaya Sayagaki by Tanobe Michiro (Former Director, Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai,
The Japanese Sword Museum Tokyo.)



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