A piece of Art Wakizashi a real Masterpiece with a Spectacular Sukashibori Horimono made by Fujiwara Kunimichi .


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Discover the exquisite artistry of this rare Wakizashi crafted by Kunimichi, a distinguished student of Horokawa Kunihiro, renowned for his exceptional blacksmithing skills within the Horikawa Mon lineage. Kunimichi’s life spanned from the 13th year of Keicho (1608) to the 3rd year of Meireki (1657), showcasing a broad range of work. His Hamon, reminiscent of his teacher Kunihiro, exhibits an intense wildness with abundant nie and nioi, radiating a sense of exuberance. This particular Wakizashi boasts Kunimichi’s finest Hamon work, characterized by its spectacular and wild intensity. The Sukashibori Horimono, cut on both sides with identical precision, features intricate details. Unlike many swords that lose Horimono sharpness over time due to repeated polishing, this Wakizashi retains 100% perfection in its Horimono and overall condition. The blade has Ranma Sukashibori, a traditional openwork technique. We assume that whoever owned this knife in Samurai times must have been wealthy enough to order such an intricate design on the blade. Signed as Dewa No Daijo Fujiwara Kunimichi during the Edo Shinto era, the Nakago remains untouched (Ubu) with an excellent finish, featuring deep tagane atari, showcasing rich ambition. The blade, with a length of 45.6 cm, exhibits a wild and intense spectacular Hamon. The Jitetsu displays a well-grained Koitame Hada with Mokume-Hada mixed with Jinie, adding to the sword’s visual appeal. Certified by NBTHK Hozon, the Wakizashi comes with a Shirasaya and Sayagaki by Tanobe Michiro, former Director of the Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai. This masterpiece reflects Kunimichi’s supreme craftsmanship and artistic prowess, making it a coveted addition for discerning collectors and enthusiasts alike.”
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