Extreme beautiful Tanto made by the legendary Nidai Muramasa 二代村正

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It is a rare pleasure to be able to offer for sale a sword from such a famous blacksmith as Muramasa. This tanto is such a sword. For hundreds of years, the swords of nidai Muramasa (二代村正) have been regarded as swords with evil powers. When we talk about evil forces, we are talking about their supposed ability to make bad things happen to their former owners, the Tokugawa family. The Tokugawa family who ruled Japan for 250 years certainly felt Muramasa’s swords were bad for their family, furthering and enhancing this reputation. the history of Muramasa and its legend, Nidai Muramasa.
Muramasa is a sword maker in Kuwana in Ise Province and is what the world calls “Yotomuramasa”.
It is said that Ieyasu’s grandfather Kiyoyasu and father Hirotada were killed with Muramasa’s sword, and his eldest son Nobuyasu was intervened with Muramasa’s sword when he was forced to commit seppuku, and Ieyasu himself was wounded by Muramasa’s spear, so it is said that it was by the Tokugawa family was disliked as an ominous sword. One theory is that the Muramasa Belted Sword Ban was enacted. For this reason, many daggers have had their inscriptions scraped or manipulated. It is said that the daimyō, having no fondness for the Tokugawa family, actively sought out muramasa.
However, the story of Muramasa’s fear as a yōsa is a creation of later generations, and in fact Ieyasu loved Muramasa and it is preserved in the Tokugawa Art Museum as a relic of the Owari Tokugawa family.
Preserved sword
NBTHK Hozon Paper
Japan Art Sword Preservation Association
Blade length: 28.8 cm Curvature: 0.3 cm Original width: 2.43 cm
Preserved Sword Appraisal Report.
Koshirae was made in the middle of the Edo period.
Kogai and Kotsuka in the early Edo period
Byakudannuri is painted with gold leaf mixed with lacquer.
Koshirea comes with NBTHK Hozon Paper
Japan Art and Sword Preservation Association
Preserved Sword Device Appraisal Report.



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