SlokZen Sword Oil 100ml – Perfect Maintenance for Your Japanese Steel Blades


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SlokZen Sword Oil 100ml – Perfect Maintenance for Your Steel Blades and Beyond

Keep your blades and metal items in perfect condition with SlokZen Sword Oil. This premium, eco-friendly, plant-based oil provides superior lubrication and protection for a variety of surfaces. A long time protection for your blade’s

Why Choose SlokZen Sword Oil?

  • Superior Protection: Designed specifically for steel, SlokZen Sword Oil offers unmatched protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for katanas, armors, naginatas, Wakizashi , Tanto , Yari  and other swords. 
  • Eco-Friendly: Our plant-based formula is safe for the environment while delivering exceptional performance.

Product Details

  • Volume: 100ml
  • Uses: Suitable for a wide range of metal items beyond just swords.
  • Retailers: Available at Kyodai Originals and Bushidoshop.

How to Use SlokZen Sword Oil

  1. Clean: Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application.
  2. Apply: Apply a few drops of oil to the surface or moving parts.
  3. Spread: Use a soft fabric cotton to distribute the oil on the blade.
  4. Wipe Excess: Remove any excess oil to prevent build-up.
Maintain your steel blades and other metal items with the best protection available. SlokZen Sword Oil ensures your equipment stays in top condition, ready for use whenever you need it. For more information or to purchase, visit Kyodai and

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