Original Japanese Sageo (下 緒 or 下 げ 緒) is a hanging cord made of cotton € 29.95 each


A sageo (下 緒 or 下 げ 緒) is a hanging cord made of,

cotton or leather that has passed through the hole in the kurigata (栗 形) of the saya of a Japanese sword.

There are a number of different methods of wrapping and binding the sageo on the saya for display purposes.

Other uses for the Sageo are the binding of the sword to the samurai and hojojutsu.

The samurai felt that the sageo formed a spiritual bond between them and the sword,

and they were very particular about connecting it correctly when the sword was not in use.

This imported Sageo from Japan is 240cm for long size,

€ 29.95 is per piece! just let me know which number you want.


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