“Ryoha Omi Yari: Masterfully Crafted Polearm with Rare Signature and Remarkable Features, Authenticated by NBTHK Hozon Paper and Sayagaki Inscription


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Unveiling the Remarkable Ryoha Omi Yari with Exquisite Koshirae: A Testament to Hanyou-Kuni Eiso Kaneshige’s Craftsmanship Embark on a journey into the world of Japanese polearms with the extraordinary Ryoha Omi Yari, a masterpiece by the renowned Hanyou-Kuni Eiso Kaneshige. This exceptional weapon comes complete with a full set of Koshirae and a Shirasaya, accompanied by the prestigious NBTHK Hozon Paper, ensuring its authenticity and historical significance. Crafted by a Virtuoso: Hanyou-Kuni Eiso Kaneshige, a skilled artisan from the early to mid-Edo period, specialized in creating impeccable polearm blades. While limited information is available about this master smith, the craftsmanship displayed in his works, including Jumonji-Yari and Kata-kama-Yari, speaks volumes about his expertise. A Rarely Seen Marvel: The Omi-Yari, translated as “large body spear,” boasts an impressive blade length of 2 Shaku 4 Sun 5 Bu Kyo (74.24cm or 29.23in), surpassing many Katana blades of its time. The Ryoha style, featuring a double-edged design, emphasizes cutting capabilities, making it a unique and formidable weapon. Exemplary Condition and Design: This Omi Yari exhibits flawless Sugata with a smooth contour transition, a clean Hamon/Jigane, and captivating double Hi grooves. The blade is complemented by a set of Koshirae and a Shirasaya, meticulously crafted for both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Provenance and Sayagaki: Backed by NBTHK Hozon Paper, this polearm is attributed to Hanyou-Kuni Eiso Kaneshige. The Sayagaki, a description on the Shirasaya, further enhances its historical value. Muraki Akio, a respected sword polisher, contributed to its preservation, ensuring the blade’s longevity. A Symbol of Mastery: The polearm’s design, including the intricately engraved shaft with a Momo-gata (peach-shaped) intersection, adds a touch of sophistication. The Koshirae, while not opulent, reflects a commitment to quality and functionality. Own a Piece of History: Immerse yourself in the legacy of Japanese swordsmithing with the Ryoha Omi Yari. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a connoisseur of martial arts, this exceptional weapon stands as a testament to Hanyou-Kuni Eiso Kaneshige’s unparalleled craftsmanship. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of history that seamlessly blends artistry and functionality.

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