Real rare Japanese prototype Type 95 NCO sword from WWII.


Real rare prototype Japanese Type 95 NCO sword from  the WWII .
Cutting edge is 67.2  cm and the whole sword is 97,1/2 cm  long,
blade is in good condition though some patina and light pitting, but not much.
The fittings are all in good order and the grip has above average amounts of original copper paint remaining.
The saya made from lether is very good
The sword sheathes and draws well, the locking pin mechanism works well.
Early war swords are more desirable for obvious reasons, this one has lasted well.
The blade is sharp, and the lock mechanism works perfectly.
This sword was used in WWII against the Americans.
The Type 95 shin guntō (九十五式軍刀, kyūgō-shiki guntō) released in 1935 was designed for use by non-commissioned officers (NCOs).
It was designed to resemble an officer’s shin guntō but be cheaper to mass-produce.
All NCOs’ swords had machine-made blades with deep fullers (bo hi) and a serial number stamped on the blade in arabic numerals.
Initially the hilts were cast out of metal (either copper or aluminium) and painted to resemble the traditionally,
produced items on the officer’s swords.
They had brass guards similar to the officer’s shin gunto.

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