Real Japanese Mid.Edo-period Samurai armor with paper (consignment sales)


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(consignment sales) The heart of the Edo period and be enchanted by the masterful craftsmanship of the Japanese Samurai Buddha Armor. Dating from the mid-Edo period, this unique piece embodies the rich heritage of Japan’s warrior class and spiritual heritage. Imbued with historical significance, this Buddha Samurai Armor is a true treasure for collectors and ancient martial arts enthusiasts. The craftsmen of that time not only created protection, but also an artistic expression that is unparalleled. The armor, formed by multiple layers of refined metal, radiates power, while the Buddhist symbols incorporated add a profound spiritual dimension. It is a visual celebration of both martial art and inner peace. Handcrafted using age-old techniques, this armor offers a tangible piece of history. Every armor piece, every detail, tells a story of the Japanese warriors who once wore it. With a height, width and depth perfectly balanced, this Samurai Buddha Armor is not only a visual masterpiece, but also a functional artefact. It invites you to connect with the past and embrace the spiritual values of Samurai culture. If you are looking for a rare piece that will enrich your collection with both historical value and aesthetic beauty, this Japanese Samurai Buddha Armor from the Mid-Edo Period is an indispensable asset. Be enchanted by the timeless allure of this unique fusion of martial art and spirituality.

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