Tokubetsu Kicho Certified Ashikaga Clan Samurai Armor: A Masterpiece of Edo Period Craftsmanship and Heritage (Sold)

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Dive into the Beauty of Authentic Samurai Heritage with Tokubetsu Ranking Certified Ashikaga Clan Armor

Unlock the mysteries of the past with this extraordinary original Japanese samurai armor, a testament to the prowess and prestige of the Ashikaga clan during the early Edo period. Authenticated with Tokubetsu Kicho Certification, this armor set bears the prestigious mark of historical significance. Crafted with meticulous detail, the armor features a Tetsu Kurourushinu Murasakiito Moto Agata Takeshi Mogami Dōgusoku—translating to “iron black lacquered purple thread suketei mogami dou gusoku.” The use of rare and expensive purple thread underscores the high rank of the samurai who once donned this magnificent piece. The kabuto (helmet) and menpo (facial armor), likely products of the Ichiguchi Myochin school, showcase the masterful artistry of the Edo period. Both made from Tetsu-sabiji (rusty iron finish), these components boast durability and timeless aesthetic appeal. The accompanying certification places this set firmly in the mid-Edo era, attesting to its authenticity. A standout feature of this armor is the dragon motif, meticulously crafted from light wood and lacquered, with bone eyes, adding a mythical touch to the ensemble. The family crest on the kabuto aligns with that of the Ashikaga clan, providing a direct link to the clan’s heraldic heritage. The Ashikaga clan, rising in the 13th century from the Minamoto clan, played a pivotal role in Japanese history. This samurai armor set, with its historical significance and impeccable condition, stands as a testament to the clan’s power and intrigue.

Key Features:

  • Tokubetsu Kicho Certification: Assurance of historical authenticity and significance.
  • Exquisite Craftsmanship: Iron black lacquered with rare purple thread, reflecting the high status of its wearer.
  • Ichiguchi Myochin School: Renowned for producing high-quality samurai armor.
  • Dragon Motif: Adds a mythical and artistic element to the armor.
  • Ashikaga Clan Crest: Direct link to one of Japan’s most influential historical clans.

Immerse Yourself in Samurai Heritage

Embrace the legacy of the samurai with this highly authenticated and exquisite piece of history. Whether you are a collector, historian, or enthusiast of Japanese culture, this Tokubetsu Kicho Certified Ashikaga Clan Samurai Armor offers an unparalleled connection to the past.

Own a Piece of History

This armor set is not just a visual masterpiece but also a functional artifact that invites you to connect with the spiritual and martial values of the samurai. Owning this armor means preserving a significant piece of Japanese heritage, celebrating both the artistry and the warrior spirit of the Edo period. Discover the allure of the Ashikaga clan’s power and prestige with our Tokubetsu Kicho Certified Ashikaga Clan Samurai Armor. It’s more than an artifact; it’s a journey into the heart of Japan’s rich and fascinating history.

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