“Legacy Unsheathed: Gassan Sadakatsu Tanto – A Masterpiece of Tradition and Artistry”


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Discover the allure of a true Japanese masterpiece with this exceptional Tanto crafted by the renowned national treasure, Gassan Sadakatsu. Born in 1869 as the second son of the First Gassan Sadakazu, Sadakatsu left an indelible mark on the swordsmithing legacy from the Taisho to the early Showa period. This Tanto, a testament to Sadakatsu’s unparalleled skill, bears his signature Ayasugi-hada, showcasing the tradition passed down since the Kamakura period and continued by contemporary gendai swordsmiths. A purveyor to the Imperial Household and creator of special swords for the Ise-Jingu Shrine, Sadakatsu dedicated himself to the craft in accordance with Shintoism. Initially forging only a few swords under his father’s tutelage, Sadakatsu focused on his own creations after the 1920s. His commitment to the artistry of swordmaking resulted in the training of notable swordsmiths, including his son, the Second Gassan Sadakazu, and Takahashi Sadatsugu, both designated Living National Treasures. This particular Tanto, a masterpiece among Sadakatsu’s extensive body of work, exhibits exceptional polish, highlighting the intricate Jigane and Hamon. Accompanied by NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Token paper, the blade, measuring 26 cm with a weight of 195 grams, showcases a Niedeki bright Suguho Notare Hamon, with the tip of the boshi carrying its own distinctive Hamon. Preserved immaculately with a double box, this Tanto is a rare and exquisite find, offering a glimpse into the legacy of a national treasure swordsmith. A harmonious blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and historical significance, this Tanto is a collector’s dream and a tribute to Gassan Sadakatsu’s enduring influence on Japanese swordmaking.

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