Original Japanese Samurai Katana Sword made by Kashu Iehira with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon.


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A beautiful original Japanese samurai Katana made by Kashu Iehira Special preservation sword NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon . Excellent condition blade and fittings, blade which remains in quality polish. The nakago remains unshortened and the NBTHK they have attributed the smith to “Kashu Iehira”. Kashu Iehira was a smith of early Edo period found in Kaga, today located in Kanazawa. He was active in Edo period and died in 1683.  The Blade itself has a very beautiful texture to the grain, almost looks like waves, similar to that of Ayasugi Hada. The quality of this sword ranks in the top grade. In a beautiful WWII koshirea version. This sword belonged to a Japanese Colonel in World War II. A real Japanese Samurai family Sword blade. This work is by Iehira Kashu whose name is Kichibei Suzaki, the son of the first Iehira belonging to the Dharani lineage of Kaga, who later changed his name to Kunihira. He served the Kaga-Maeda family while working as an artisan. In the third year of Shotoku (1683), the name was changed to “Kunihira” by order of the clan. Blade length 64.1 cm Rotate Sori 2.0 cm Width at the hamachi 3 cm. Motoshige Kasane 6.5mm Wide at the Kissaki 1.95 cm Saki Kasane 4mm Mekugi hole Mekugi 1 Era Edo period Country of origin Kaga.
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