A real original museum grade Edo Kabuto Signed Tsuda Kiyotake kore o sei 津田清武製之 dated 1861


One of A kind museum grade Edo Kabuto
Original Signed Nerikawa Kabuto
Lacquered leather samurai helmet
Late Edo period
Signed: Tsuda Kiyotake kore o sei (津田清武製之) and dated 1861
The helmet designs that were popular during the Muromachi period made a strong comeback in the latter half of the Edo period.
There was a growing belief that Japan was entering a period of peace that would last forever, so samurai sought armor of high prestige rather than true effectiveness.
While the skills needed to make expensive riveted plate kabuto were lost,
The rich designs of ancient times, when only the highest-ranking samurai could afford to wear armor, also returned to fashion.
This helmet is a classic example of such a development: the bowl (hachi) is made of lacquered leather,
which is easier to make than an iron fabrication, but the gold-plated copper applications are of exceptional quality,
echoing the classic decorative floral designs of the Muromachi era. The interiors are also finished with expensive processing,
indicating a high level of patronage: the bowl is lacquered in gold and the shikoro, which is entirely made of individual plates (hon-kozane),
is lacquered in byakudan-nuri, a system in which a layer of pure gold is covered with a transparent red lacquer.

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