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Unlock the full potential of your katana/Nihonto with our essential maintenance kit designed to keep it in pristine condition. Crafted for both enthusiasts and collectors, this comprehensive set includes all the tools you need to disassemble and maintain your katana with ease. Everything You Need in One Kit:
  1. Rice Paper: Ensure precision and cleanliness during the maintenance process.
  2. Uchiko Ball with Polishing Powder: Achieve a flawless, gleaming finish for your katana.
  3. Special Choji Blade Oil: Specially formulated to protect and nourish your katana’s blade.
  4. Oil Cloth: A handy companion for applying oil and maintaining the katana’s luster.
  5. Brass Hammer and Drevel: Safely remove menukki without causing damage.
  6. Wooden Storage Box: Keep all your accessories organized and within reach.
Imported from Japan: Indulge in authenticity with our maintenance kit imported directly from Japan. Each component is crafted with precision, reflecting the rich heritage of Japanese sword care traditions. Why Choose Our Maintenance Kit?
  • Complete Care: Our set covers every aspect of katana maintenance, ensuring thorough care from disassembly to polishing.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted with the finest materials, our tools are built to last, offering longevity to your katana investment.
  • Authenticity: Imported from Japan, our kit stays true to the traditional methods of katana care, providing an authentic experience.
  • Convenience: With all the essentials in one box, our kit simplifies the maintenance process, making it accessible to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts.
Revitalize Your Katana Today: Invest in the longevity and performance of your katana with our meticulously curated maintenance kit. Elevate your sword care routine and experience the true essence of Japanese craftsmanship. Unlock the Beauty, Preserve the Legacy – Order Your Kit Now! hoen kistje om alle accessoires  in op te bergen. Geïmporteerd uit Japan

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