A Excellent 62th Juyo Token Japanese Samurai Sword made by swordsmith Cho Aritoshi from the Yamato Taima school.


Aritoshi was a swordmaker belonged to Yamato taima (or taema) school and he has two names: one is Aritoshi (有俊) consisting of two Chinese characters and another is Cho Aritoshi (長有俊) consisting of three Chinese characters.
The former one can be seen produced in Einin 6 (1298). It is a common theory that mei of Cho Aritoshi (three Chinese characters) shows the second Aritoshi, the era is approx.
Kenmu, shortened name of Chobei (no) jo Aritoshi.
This sword is that jigane is koitame with slightly nagare masa, thick jinie sticked to pieces, hamon is suguha, kochoji, kogunome, kui chigai ba & niju ba & yubashiri on habuchi, thick nie is brightly saeru,
etc, significantly see Cho Ariyoshi’s feature on jiba (jihada and hamon) and kiwameno syuko sareru (it is proved as the past authentication.).
As Cho Ariyoshi’s feature, habuchi is a highlight of niju ba. This sword has strong hanie with Cho Aritoshi’s kiwame, niju ba with thick and condensed nie can be frequently seen on habuchi, hamon is clearly skillful. It is an excellent piece of work
the sayagaki of Tanobe san does not mention it specifically:
Sayagaki Tanobe Sensei
62th juyo tokenThe Wasyu Cho Aritoshi.
This sword is Osuriage Mumei. This sword smith was Taima school’s student, he was a sword smith in the Kenmu era.
Hamon is Suguha and chogunome with deep and thick Nie. Also, Hamon has many Nijuba and Yubashiri. This sword has a lot of characteristics of Aritoshi and is excellent.
Nagasa 2 shaku 2 sun 2 bu
Year of the Rooster 2017
Submitted by kazarena on Mon 有俊 Aritoshi
Province  Yamato
Era Kenmu (1334-1338) ND Active Period 1335-1338
Lineage Image/Interactive
Source  Rating   Reference/Page Hawley 80 ARI204
yamato kuni junin saikyo chōbeijō aritoshi
saikyo ju chō aritoshi
cho aritoshi
Running itame w/masame, suguha-ko-gunome, boshi ko-maru.

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