Japanese Tanto made by Yuyoshi Fukuyama (A.D.1916)


Japanese Tanto made by Yuyoshi Fukuyama
Yuyoshi Fukuyama was a swordsmith of the Yokoyama school in Bizen Province,
and later moved to Fukuyama, Bingo Province, and was active as a Fukuyama feudal lord.
Sukeyoshi had made this beautiful tanto blade at the age of 80 years old
He literally saw the evolution and modernization of Japan within his lifetime,
from the Samurai Era of Edo period, to the Meiji period where we saw the abolishment of the Samurai class,
all the way into the early 20th century known as Taisho period.
While most smiths had to find other form of work Sukeyoshi was one of the few that survived and prospered due to his talent
Blade length 17.5cm
Sori 0cm
Original width Width at the hamachi 1.75cm
Motoshige Kasane 9.5mm
Eye nail hole Mekugi 1
Jidai Taisho 5th year (1916) Taisho period (A.D.1916)