Real Japanese Samurai Walking stick with hidden sword made by Unshu Ju Tadasada made is (circa1394)

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Sold…Sold…Sold… Signature: Unshu Ju Tadasada 雲州住忠貞 Muromachi period, around the Oei era (circa 1394) Katate-uchi blade with ordinary width and thickness and deep curve and extended Kissaki. Jigane: Fine Ko-Itame Hada, well-tempered, excellent Jigane with visible Utsuri. Hamon: Nioi Deki, Gunome Midare with a tumultuous boshi. Unshu Ju Tadasada are descendants of the Yoshii school of Bizen. There were a few generation of Unshu Ju Tadasada, and this Tadasada is thought to have been active in the early Muromachi period around the Oei era. The Koshirae is a swordstick with decoration like cherry blossom trees. NBTHK Tokubetus Hozon Token Paper Habaki: single silver habaki Blade Length: 63.4cm (24.96in) Curvature: 1.7cm (0.67in) Mekugi Hole: 2 Width at Base: 2.68 cm (1.06 in) Width at the End: 1.66 cm (0.65 in) Thickness (Kasane): 0.57 cm (0.22 in) Weight of the blade is 550 grams

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