Japanese samurai sword rack from the Meiji era (明治時代, Meiji jidai.


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Japanese samurai sword rack, a kake, from the Meiji era (明治時代, Meiji jidai. A beautiful, elegant Japanese kake. Made according to the old Japanese tradition, the details are really beautifulhand made and painted. In Japan it is an old tradition to present your swords on a kake when they are not being worn. The colors are very beautiful, a beautiful example of Japanese craftsmanship. The sword blade is first cleaned, inspected and oiled, after which they are ready for battle. In addition, it shows respect for the sword. Of course there are signs of wear, as it should be. Dimensions of the Japanese samurai sword rack Height: 35.5 cm Width: 53 cm Depth: 23.5 cm.

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