Great real Japanese Samurai Sword made by the Mino Senjuin School 1394-1427


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Mino Senjuin was one of the sword schools dating back to the year 1200. These swords are traditionally forged, this blade dates from the period 1394-1427. This blade is attributed to Mino Senjuin (美濃千手院), which is one of the most famous schools during the late Nanbokucho-late Muromachi (Mid 14th-Early 16th century) period in Mino province (today’s Gifu prefecture). The school was located in Akasaka village near Sekigahara, an essential hub for transportation and military bases from ancient times. It is said that the Mino Senjuin school was founded by Sensui (泉水), the son of Yamato Koku Senjuin Shigehiro. Yamato region was one of the most famous sites for sword-forging during the late Heian-Kamakura period. Sensui moved from Yamato (today’s Nara prefecture) to Akasaka village in Mino province during the Nanbokucho period. Nagasa 65.2 cm. Sori 2.0 cm. Hamachi 2.76 cm. Kissaki 1.65 cm. Weight 650 grams. Mumei awarded to Mino Senjuin. NBTHK Hozon Token.

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