Extremely beautiful Japanese Tanto is made by the legendary SENGO MURAMASA


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Discover the Legacy off the Legendary Sengo Muramasa Tanto with Rich History Presenting an exquisite Japanese Tanto crafted by the renowned Muramasa, a legendary blacksmith steeped in Japanese history. This rare piece offers a unique glimpse into the artistry of one of the most famous blacksmiths, making it a true collector’s delight. The Muramasa Legend: For centuries, Muramasa’s swords have been shrouded in a mysterious aura, often associated with supposed malevolent forces. The Tokugawa family, who ruled Japan for 250 years, believed Muramasa’s blades brought misfortune to their lineage, adding to the legend’s allure. History and Legacy: Hailing from Kuwana in Ise Province, Muramasa, known as “Yotomuramasa,” holds a storied past. The Tokugawa family’s unfortunate encounters with Muramasa’s swords contributed to the belief in their ominous nature. However, it’s essential to note that the fear surrounding Muramasa’s blades is a later creation, and Ieyasu himself cherished Muramasa’s work, as evidenced by preserved artifacts in the Tokugawa Art Museum. Unique Features: This Tanto, boasting a blade length of 28.8 cm and a subtle curvature of 0.3 cm, comes with an NBTHK Hozon Paper, adding authenticity and value. The preserved sword appraisal report further enhances its historical significance. The Koshirae, crafted in the middle of the Edo period, showcases meticulous artistry with Byakudannuri adorned with gold leaf mixed lacquer on Kogai and Kotsuka, dating back to the early Edo period. Preservation and Certification: Rest assured of the Tanto’s authenticity and preservation, as it comes with NBTHK Hozon Paper and Japan Art and Sword Preservation Association Preserved Sword Device Appraisal Report, ensuring its status as a genuine and valued artifact. Collector’s Delight: This Muramasa Tanto is not merely a sword; it is a piece of history, encapsulating the craftsmanship and mystique of one of Japan’s legendary blacksmiths. Acquire this rare treasure to own a tangible connection to the fascinating legacy of Muramasa. contact me for the price.  
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