Exceptional Daimyo Toseigusoku Yoroi Armor from the Early Edo period (1638) (Maru Igetabishi)


Real exceptional Daimyo Toseigusoku Yoroi Armor from the Early Edo period (1638) complete
Kyodai originals presented a real and very rare original Yoroi for the real high class Samurai over 380 years old.
This armor has been in private collection for decades and exhibited in a well known Museum.
With a beautiful Saika helmet 12 plates (rare).
The Nuinobe style chest was carried by the Daimyo samuraidaimyō (大名) is a Japanese warlord of the samurai class.
Maru Igetabishi Clan  Literally daimyō means big name.
The O.sode was used to stop the arrow’s.
This beautiful armor that also appears in the books
is of course supplied complete with wooden stand
And the original armor wooden box.
The Armor has been in a Japanese museum.
and has been to many exhibitions around the world.
It is now from a private collection.
Very special and powerful war Japanese Yoroi.
The colors are very beautiful of the armor
Red represents angry and passion and blue as the sky.
You would rather not have a war with this Samurai (Maru Igetabishi)
The details are also really beautiful.

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