Beautiful Tanto high quality silver mounted koshirea Yamato no Kami Nobusada Toyotomi clan (Onhold)

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Onhold….Onhold…. BEAUTIFUL TANTO IN HIGH QUALITY SILVER MOUNTED KOSHIRAE Tanto in signed Yamato no Kami Nobusada in High quality silver koshirae from late Edo period with Imperial Paulownia Kamon. Nagasa 30.9cm and rare katakiri-ha zukuri shape with massive Bohi. This shape is very strong and effective as we see it in todays modern world with Maguro Bochi (tuna knife) The NBTHK Tokubetsu papers specify Higo and from Kanei period (circa 1630 AD). We see some active hada which is from his lineage of Enju school. NOBUSADA (宣貞), 1st gen., Kan´ei (寛永, 1624-1644), Higo – “Yamato no Kami Fujiwara Nobusada” (大和守藤原宣貞), “Hōshū-jū Kokura Yamato no Kami Fujiwara Nobusada” ( 豊州小倉住大和守藤原宣貞), “Higo Kumamoto-jū Nobusada” (肥後隈本住宣貞) he lived in Higo´s Kumamoto (熊本) which he signed with the characters (隈本), he also worked in Kokura (小倉) in Buzen province and was a late smith from the Enju school Tokubetsu described Tanto yamato no Kami Nobusada with incredible Koshirae. ORIGIN Japanese PROVINCE Higo ERA Shinto-Kanei CUTTING EDGE 30.9cm / 12.2in FORM hira-zukuri SPECIAL FEATURES High-quality fittings CERTIFICATE NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon.Famous Toyotomi clan.  

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