Beautiful Japanese Wakizashi in WWII military version from the Igeta family made around 1800 .


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Unlock the captivating history with our Japanese Wakizashi, a timeless piece forged around 1800 in Seki Gifu. While the swordsmith remains a mystery, its legacy is marked by the Igeta family crest, adding a touch of historical intrigue. This remarkable Wakizashi holds a unique tale as it accompanied a family member into the tumultuous battlefield of World War II. Adapted into a custom gunto koshirae, this Edo-period Samurai sword boasts authenticity with the Igeta crest, echoing its lineage. The blade, mumei (unsigned), resonates with the spirit of the samurai, making it a symbol of courage and tradition. Crafted during the Edo period, this piece transcends time, carrying the essence of the samurai era into the modern day. The original military adaptation features a custom gunto koshirae with a black leather saya, a departure from the classic shagreen, showcasing its unique historical context. Notably, this Wakizashi was not merely a wartime accessory but a testament to the valor of its wielder. The sword bears witness to the complexities of history, from the refined culture of the Edo period to the tumultuous events of the 20th century. With a nagasa length of 54.8 cm and a weight of approximately 572 g, this Wakizashi embodies the balance between form and function. The mumei inscription adds an air of mystery, inviting enthusiasts to delve into the rich heritage it represents. Whether displayed as a collector’s item or cherished as a symbolic artifact, this Wakizashi serves as a bridge between two significant epochs, embodying the spirit of the samurai and the resilience of its lineage. Explore the intersection of history and artistry with this exceptional piece, an ode to the legacy of valor.

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