Beautiful Japanese Wakizashi in WWII military version from the Igeta family made around 1800 .


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Beautiful Japanese Wakizashi in military version. The blade is mumei but has the Igeta family crest. Forged around 1800 Seki Gifu. The swordsmith is unknown. What we do know is that a family member of the Igeta took the short sword with him to WWII and fought there. Samurai Edo period sword adapted to a custom gunto koshirae with black leather saya and leather instead of the classic shagreen. This type of guntos was a special order for the senior officers during the 2nd World War. The Wakizashi itself is from an older Edo period. A piece with a lot of Samurai history and also the Second World War. Length nagasa 54.8 cm Warp 1.2 cm 3 mekugi holes original width Approximately 3.03 cm Tip width 2.23 cm weight Approximately 572 g Wakizashi (inscription) Mumei total length of Koshirae approximately 84 cm

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