Incredible piece of history, extremely rare Wakizashi with 2 people body cutting test by Yamano Kanjuro Hisahide


Incredible piece of history, unaltered Early Edo Wakizashi signed.
Wakizashi in Shirasaya with Koshirae. (NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper)
Signature Kazusanosuke Fujiwara Kaneshige Kanbun
(Kinzogan May) Yamano Juro Hisahide (Kao) 2tsu Do.
Shinto Jyosaku Ryo Wazamono Musahi this is a real Master piece.
Particularity Kaneshige was a swordsmith from Musashi province, he moved around the beginning
from the Kanei era to the city of Edo and 3 years later he received the honorable title Izumi Daijo followed by another title Izumikami.
But he changed this to Kazusanosuke after becoming a student of Todo Izuminokami Takatora.
The first generation died around the beginning of the Manji era, and the second worked in Sendai and Seishu (Mie pref today).
The third received the title of Kazusanosuke in 1703, but he subscribed Izunomikami to Sendai’s orders,
Uwajima and Ichinoseki area. He was known for making well-sharpened swords, and some of his swords were designed as Juyo
Legendary swordsmith Miyamoto Musashi was a fan of his sword.
Habaki silver single Habaki with family crest.
Blade length: 52.42 cm or 20.63 in.Sori 0.9 cm or 0.35 in.
Width at the hamachi: 3.10 cm or 1.22 inch.
Width at the Kissaki: 2.23 cm or 0.87 inch
Kasane 0.60 cm or 0.23 inch
The weight of the sword is 495 grams
Era Edo period, around the Kanbun era
Shape This sword is broad and thick, has a Moderate Sori and a slightly longer Kissaki. Bo-hi are cut out on both sides
Jigane good grained Koitame-hada with Jinie attached
Hamon Nie-deki, around Gunome-midare, Juzuba, deep Nioikuchi goes up to Kissaki.
Beautiful Koshirae
Saya Dark brown and black color kawari Nuri Saya
Tsuba Shakudo, dragon is engraved with cutaway
signature Choshu Hagi Ju Masayuki
Fuchikashira Shakudo, gate and fir tree are engraved with gold color. Signature: Mototoshi.
Menuki Shakudo, flowers are engraved with gold color
Kozuka Shakudo Nanako, turtle and umbrella are engraved with gold color
Kogatana there is a signature Mino Seki Ju Kanetaka.
This sword, Saidanmei of Yamano Kanjuro Hisahide, has cut two bodies.
The blade is wide. The Jigane is clearly Ko-Itame hada. The Hamon is reminiscent of Kotetsu.
It’s hard to find the Wakizashi that recently completed a 2 body cutting test.
This Wakizashi is very beautiful and perfect a real Master piece !!!

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