Real Beautiful Japanese dragon sword rack (kake) Meiji period 1868 to 1912.



Beautiful beautiful Japanese sword rack (kake)
It is the highest quality and it shows.
Made in the early Meiji period (Meiji-jidai) 1868 to 1912.
Very nice piece of Japanese art from ancient Japan.
Antique sword stand for Samurai sword.
The wood has a beautiful dragon in the clouds Raden (螺鈿, mother-of-pearl work) technique.
Raden is a kind of decorative style that is often used for traditional craftworks.
It uses the pearl part of seashells and put it into the engraved surface of lacquer or wood.
Thanks to its iridescent luster, it gives a luxurious look to works.
It is an outstanding work in which the contour creates the design’s beauty like a shadow-play by Raden technique.
You could enjoy this item as the sword-stand or an interior decoration in your room.
As this product is an antique, there are small scratches and dents on the wood.
Height 31 cm, width 42 cm, depth 17 cm.

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