An extremely beautiful Japanese Sword made by the Japanese master blacksmith Gassan Sadatoshi in the year1973.


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Kyodai Originals is very pleased to offer this katana from Gassan Sadatoshi. Currently designated as an Important Intangible Cultural Property of Nara Prefecture, said to be the closest thing to a human national treasure, Sadatoshi Tsukiyama was born in the 21st year of the Showa Era. He is the son of a human national treasure, Tsukiyama Sadaichi, swordsmith. After graduating from university, he won numerous special awards such as the Takamatsu Prince Prize, the Agency for Cultural Affairs Commissioner’s Award and the Kanyama Prize at the New Sword Exhibition, and was certified in Showa 57 at the young age of 36 an unexamined new masterpiece sword exhibition. He is a very famous craftsman who actively and courageously challenges creative forging and sword carving, and has purchased swords in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in the United States and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. This sword is a pleasant work focused on Aishu Masamune in the Kamakura period by Tsukiyama Sadatoshi swordsmith. The figure is a beautiful figure with a broad body and a broad forebody, and the ground iron is forged in the plank skin of Aishuden, and the ground scenery is beautiful. The tip of the blade burns Masamune’s derivative blade with a small boil in the scent, revealing many golden streaks in the blade and baking a blade that is wonderfully victorious. In particular, the famous Tsukiyama statue has a graskuli dragon and two gutters in the front. On the back the inscription, the sword, the cane and the gutter are carved, and this is where the masterpiece is carved. It is truly a powerful masterpiece that approaches Aishu Masamune, and it is a sword that has a very high price at the Tsukiyama Ichimon Exhibition. The paulownia box with the inscription on the box of the swordsmith Teiichi Tsukiyama, a father and human national treasure, adds even more glamor to this sword. This is the first time it will be released live in the world, so we will offer it at a special low price. Enjoy the famous sword carved by Tsukiyama Sadari, swordsmith who will never appear in the world. Length of the blade 70cm Mei Yamato Province Miwayama Sasai Kawanokami Tsukiyama Sadari Sculpture Dousaku (Hanaoshi) Japanese Soul Showa 48 years March auspicious day Schering (Sori) 2cm Type Katana Motogasaan 0.75cm Period Hyundai (1973) Canton Sakigasane 0.65cm Original width (Motohaba) 3.19cm Fittings Shirasaya Sakihaba 2.29cm
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