A very impressive Japanese samurai war armor Mogami Dou Gusoku from the Hosokawa clan around 1700


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A very impressive Japanese samurai war armor, Iron black lacquer blue thread Mogami Dou Gusoku, all heavy iron for both kabuto and menpo. This set dates from mid Edo Period. (around 1700) The menpo is signed Mito ju Yoshinobu, and is made of iron in the style of Yadome (iron ridge to solidify and protect). This style was seen in more noble samurai. The kabuto signed Ki Yoshimichi was truly built for battle, 16 thick plates able to resist even a musket shot. We can see each individual rivet carefully placed and filed down to perfection. A lovely tall standing multi-layer tehen with same gold matching kamon from the Hosokawa clan. They were a powerful clan so much so the family retained power till today, the former Prime minister of Japan is the current head of the clan. The very large V shape Maedate is fully made of iron and would have made a presence on the battle field.

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