A truly remarkable “Masterpiece Unveiled: Kashu Fujiwara Ietada Sword with Intriguing 7-Body Test Cut”


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Exceptional Kashu Fujiwara Ietada Sword: A Masterpiece of Craftsmanship and Test Cuts Embark on a journey into the world of Japanese sword craftsmanship with the extraordinary Kashu Fujiwara Ietada Sword. Signed by the esteemed Ietada, this blade is a testament to the underappreciated artistry of Kashu smiths. Unique Test Cuts: What sets this Sword blade apart is its fascinating history of test cuts. Signed by Yotsudo Otoshi, a 4-body test cut, Futatsu Dou, a 2-body test cut, and Tsuri-dou, a standing live execution, this blade achieved a remarkable feat of cutting through a total of 7 bodies. The test cut, expertly performed by Matsunami Yago no suke Motoyoshi (Kao), showcases the blade’s exceptional sharpness and cutting prowess. Kashu Craftsmanship: Ietada, a well-ranked Kashu smith, contributed significantly to the legacy of Kashu blades. Often undervalued, Kashu work boasts many excellent pieces, and this Sword exemplifies the heights of Kashu craftsmanship. Historical Documentation: This Sword comes with an extensive paper trail, including new Tokubetsu-ranked papers by the NBTHK and old Kicho papers. The inclusion of Fujishiro’s kanteisho, a national treasure polisher, adds further historical significance. The impeccable polish condition suggests the masterful touch of Fujishiro himself. Exquisite Koshirae: The subtle yet high-quality koshirae enhances the overall appeal. Adorned with two kamon in shakudo, the black urushi with different textures and a shibuichi kojiri add sophistication. The fuchi/kashira, crafted in shakudo, is truly exceptional, featuring several kamon. The simple yet high-quality shakudo tsuba complements the overall aesthetics. Rare Find with Rich Documentation: Acquiring this Sword means owning a rare piece with rich documentation, backed by Markus Sesko’s book on Tameshigiri for the test cut image. The comprehensive paperwork and exceptional craftsmanship make it a collector’s dream, elevating the status of Kashu blades. Delve into the brilliance of Kashu craftsmanship with this remarkable Fujiwara Ietada Sword. Beyond its cutting prowess, it stands as a testament to the historical and artistic significance of Kashu blades, waiting to be embraced by discerning collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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