A truly beautiful modern Japanese Dragon Dai Sho set made by the Japanese swordsmith Takaba Makoto in the year 1977


A beautiful original Japanese Dai Sho set made by Makoto Takaba October 1977 Daisho Katana Takaba Makoto Wakizashi Takaba Makoto
Very nice set completely in the dragon style
katana with NBTHK Hozen Paper.
Swordsmith Makoto Takaha was born under his real name in 1928.
He was a student of Yukihira Miyairi, a living national treasure.
In 1970, Takaba swordsmith opened the Takaba swordsmith in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture.
This work is also one that shows Shizu Saburo Kaneji, whom Takaba swordsmith personally admires.
Sword Smith Takaba Makoto, born in 1928, Gifu pref.
is one of the representative sword smiths in Showa era.
He learned from a living national treasure Miyairi Yukihira (1913-1977). This Dai Sho set holds a brave shape with large tip, whereas beautiful Masame style forging gives off clear scene of Chjikei activity and the temper is filled in bright Nie/Nioi to say the combination of heroic and delicate. He shows himself at his best in this Dai Sho set and shows supreme skill of his Soshu-den technique.
Blade katana length 73.2 cm Sori 1.5 cm
Width at the hamachi 3.2 cm. Motoshige Kasane 6.5mm
Wide at the Kissaki 2.6 cm Saki Kasane 5mm
Mekugi hole Mekugi 1 Era Jidai 1977 showa
Country of origin Gifu Prefecture
wakizashi with NBTHK Hozen Paper
Blade length 50 cm Sori 0.8 cm
Width at the hamachi 3.1 cm. Motoshige Kasane 6mm
Wide at the Kissaki 2.55 cm Saki Kasane 4.5 mm
Mekugi hole Mekugi 1 Era Jidai 1977 showa
Country of origin Gifu Prefecture