A beautiful National treasure Masterpiece of Imperial Court Technician Teiichi Tsukiyama’s Bizen Nagafune Gassan Unryushi Sadakazu


Japanese Sword Gassan Unryushi Sadakazu (engraved) Meiji Nimi Year Nakatsu Gassan Unryushi Sadakazu 1872 This sword is a masterpiece of Imperial Court Technician Teiichi Tsukiyama’s Bizen Nagafune. Tsukiyama Teiichi was appointed Imperial Court Engineer in April of Meiji 39. Teiichi and Sadakazu are the same person with different pronunciations of KANJI.Should not actually leave Japan, it is a real National treasure Sadakazu. This sword shows the grandeur of the Nanboku dynasty period with a broad body and broad tip, and the metal is filled with small plate grain and the carving is wonderfully skillful by rounding out a stick gutter which is the true peak of Tsukiyama carving. The blade pattern is a beautiful sword that has many layers in each other The tsuka attached to this sword is beautiful, and the beautiful and luxurious Satsuma sword at the time, Koshirae is a famous recipe that combines KenJyutuni from JIGENNRYU in Satsuma (Kagoshima). The family crest (family symbol mark) is also included, giving it a luxurious and beautiful finish. Being a product of the Satsuma Shimazu family adds even more magnificence to Hongetsuyama Teiichi’s famous sword. Enjoy the masterpiece of the swordsmith Gassan Sadakazu, the highest peak in the sword world in both name and reality. Nagasa 68.1cm May Gassan Unryūko Teiichizo Engraved (Gassan Sadakazu) Meiji Nimi nennaka Warp (Sori) 1 cm Moto gas 0.7 cm Sakigasane 0.48 cm Registration form Osaka December 28, Heisei 12 Original width (Motohaba) 3.24 cm Tip width (Sakihaba) 2.28 cm NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Touken.

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