A Real Japanese Samurai Walking Stick Katana in Koshirae made by Ichiryu Sai Nagayoshi


Real Japanese Samurai Walking stick Katana in Koshirae Ichiryu Sai Nagayoshi.

(Shikomi-Tsue(Stick)) (NBTHK Hozon Token) Signature Nagayoshi Saku (昭和)

This sword belongs to the rank of Jyo Jyo Saku.

Early Showa era Shape The blade is wide and thick with very small sori long sword.

Jigane Itame hada hadatachi Jinie attached nice texture.

Hamon Nie deki gunome midare and togati gnome midare mixed.

Bo-shi: komaru style.

Special feature Kouzuke’s swordsmith carves the name Ichiryu sai Nagayoshi.

Kokumon Ichiryusai Nagayoshi.

This work is a nearly staraight work, leaving Mi haba and Kasane firmly behind,

and it is a long size for a Showa sword, which is rare.

The sword is a well-made work that can be mistaken for shinshinto.

Koshirae Shikomi-Tsue (Stick).

Its straight swordsmanship is very rare for Showa swords, and it is a long sword and a sword stick.

In addition, the result is good.

During the war, it was usually forbidden for non-military personnel to walk on Japanese swords,

so it is likely that they were carried in a sword stick as an escort.

It has become rare these days. This is a well-made sword stick.

With the well-known NBTHK Hozon Token paper.

The blade was polished. Habaki Kasyu habaki.

Blade length: 69.2cm . Sori 0.5cm.

Width at the hamachi: 3.02cm.

Width at the Kissaki 2.1cm. Kasane 0.67 cm.

The weight of the blade 780 grams.

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