A beautiful incredible 5 body test cutting sword with gold inlay Swordsmith Higo-no kami Hojoji Tachibana Yoshitsugu (肥後の神北条寺立花吉嗣)

A real incredible 5 body test cutting sword with gold inlay.
Made by the Japanese swordsmith Yoshitsugu.
A very long and rare Tamashigiri Katana with 5 body test cut in 1 stroke, and in the earthen mound below.
Swordsmith is Higo-no kami Hojoji Tachibana Yoshitsugu (肥後の神北条寺立花吉嗣)
The sword tester is Tomita Yaichizaemon Shigetsuna (富田八一左衛門重綱) a we’ll know tester.
Kizogan Itsutsu do Dotan Hari Tomita Yaichizaemon Shigetsuna.
The sword tester can be found in the book of Sessko’s Tameshigiri book page 175.
The total blade length is 98.4 cm
cutting length is 74.4cm very big sword blade.
weight of the sword blade is 891 grams.
The koshirae is very beautiful down to the smallest detail and was made about 1850.
This beautiful blade is signed by Higo no Kami Hojyoji Tachibana Yoshitsugu (肥後守法城寺橘吉次), who was active during the mid-Edo period. He belonged to Edo Hojyoji School (江戸法城寺派), one of the most prestigious schools in Edo city during the early Edo period.
The school was originally founded by Hojyoji Kunimitsu, a renowned swordsmith in Tajima no Kuni (present-day Hyogo Prefecture) during the late Nanbokucho-Muromachi period.
Hojyoji Masahiro (法城寺正弘) is the one who moved to Edo city and founded the Edo Hojyoji school during the early Edo period. He would have been a descendant of Kunimitsu.
He was known for forging extremely sharp blades. Due to his popularity in the city of Edo, he was invited by the Shimazu clan in the 5th year of the Genroku era (1692). And he moved to Satsuma domain (present-day Kagoshima Prefecture). Bringing along his son Yoshikuni, he served the Shimazu clan as an Okakaekaji, a swordsmith who forged blades exclusively for a specific clan or domain. This fact indicates that he was a highly respected swordsmith in the Satsuma domain.
This very rare Japanese samurai sword is a real Japanese treasure highest-ranking sword.

With serious interest ask me for the price
This is a very high level sword extremely rare with a 5 body test.

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