A real beautiful Japanese Tanto (demon blade) from the legendary swordsmith Sengo Muramasa


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It is a rare pleasure to be able to offer for sale a sword from such a famous (or infamous) smith Sengo Muramasa. Muramasa Tanto A Masterpiece of Japanese Swordcraft The Muramasa Tanto stands as a testament to the unparalleled skill and artistry of its creator, the legendary swordsmith Muramasa. Crafted during the Muromachi period, this short sword is renowned for its exceptional sharpness and unique design, making it a prized possession for collectors and enthusiasts alike. With a blade length (nagasa) of 28.4 centimeters and a weight of 162 grams, the Muramasa Tanto is perfectly balanced for close combat and swift strikes. Its distinctive blood groove adds to its rarity and allure, showcasing the craftsmanship that sets Muramasa blades apart. The hallmark of the Muramasa Tanto is its exquisite hamon, the intricate temper line that adorns the blade. Crafted through meticulous forging techniques, the hamon creates mesmerizing patterns that reflect Muramasa’s mastery of metallurgy and swordsmithing. Legend has it that Muramasa infused his swords with a malevolent spirit, leading to tales of blades that thirsted for blood and brought misfortune to their wielders. While the truth behind these stories remains uncertain, the mystique surrounding the Muramasa Tanto only adds to its appeal. Today, the Muramasa Tanto is revered as both a work of art and a symbol of Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Whether displayed in a collection or used in martial arts demonstrations, it continues to captivate audiences and honor the legacy of its legendary creator. Experience the allure of the Muramasa Tanto for yourself and immerse yourself in the history and craftsmanship of one of Japan’s most renowned swordsmiths. Tanto Muramasa (youtube.com)

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