A Real Japanese General Kyu Gunto made by Zuisen Minamoto No Hideaki 1933



In mint condition  A very rare Original General Kyu Gunto made by Zuisen Minamoto No Hideaki.
Hideaki’s family name was Horii Kaneyoshi. He was born on March 2, 1886 in the village of Shimosakamoto in Shige province.
He began his apprenticeship at age 19 under Horri Taneaki and was given the name Kaneaki.
As his experience grew, the token Hozon Kai in 1913 conferred to him the new name of Hideaki. finally, in 1933,
at the height of his career, he once again changed his name to Toshihide;
this was due to the conflicting association of his name to the newly born prince.
Hideaki produced many fine blades, many for the imperial family, for high ranking officers and especially,
for navy officers. Few of which have survived due to the many deaths at sea. Many of whom went down with their ships.
Era Jidai Showa 8 1933 Showa Era (AD1933)
Country of origin Hokkaido Hotkaido
Toshihide Horii’s real name is Kanekichi Horii, his first name is Kanmei,
and he became a student of Soyoshi Horii and Yusuke Horii in 1897,
and became an adopted son-in-law of Somei in 1884.
Later he became the third generation of Horii Ichimon and was given the name Hideaki,
who took the character of Masahide Mizushinko from the Sword Preservation Society in 1918.
Toshihide Horii, who was confused by the birth of the prince and given the name “Akihito” in 8 years,
is a swordsmith who represents the Taisho and early Showa eras of Chichibu-no-miya,
Takamatsu-no-miya and Higashi-ku-no-miya.
He trained short swords given by the Ministry of Miyauchi, including Guntō.
Nagasa 61.1 cm Sori 1.3 cm
Original width Width at the hamachi 2.8 cm
Motoshige Kasane 7mm
Wide at the Kissaki 1.9 cm
Saki Kasane 5mm
Mekugi 1
NBTHK Hozon.

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