A real piece of art and a masterpiece Ranma-Sukasishi sword made by Ryujin Taro Minamoto Tadashige Hori Dosaku.


This Japanese sword is a piece of art a real masterpiece. Japanese National Treasur very high-ranking sword. I proudly present this real Ranma-Sukasishi sword It is very beautiful and artistic , a real work of art made by swordsmith Ryujin Taro Minamoto Tadashige Hori Dosaku. Katana in Shirasaya with box. Signature Ryujin Taro Minamoto Tadashige Hori Dosaku Heisei 15 Nen 3 Gatsuhi Ryujin Taro Minamoto Tadashige made and engraved this sword Ranma-Sukasishi in March 2003. Very rare item. Habaki Gold foiled double Habaki. Blade length 71.9 cm or 28.3 inches Sori 2.3 cm or 0.9 inch Mekugi 1 Width at the hamachi 3.4 cm or 1.33 inch Width with the Kissaki 2.3 cm or 0.90 inch Kasane 0.8 cm or 0.31 inch. The weight of the sword is 800 grams. Era Modern Times (2003) Shape Broad and thick sword with deep Sori and longer kissaki. Ranma-Sukasishi, Bo-Hi and So-Hi are on engraved on both sides. Jigane Koitame hada good grained with Jinie attached nice texture. Hamon Nie deki gumowe Midare and Notare Hamon mixed me Ashi, Yo and also Sunagashi and Kinsuji work Particularity Ryujin Taro Minamoto Tadashige’s real name is Shigefumi Adachi who is an expert in cutting. There are not many swordsmiths who can make a Ranma-Sukasishi sword. Sadashige Adachi Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture Forty-five years old work Adachi SADASHIGE (born AD1958, Showa 33) lives in Tanabe City, Wakayama prefecture Additional both box gold Foil double Habaki / Shirasaya / Kiri box. National Treasur very high ranking sword. Adachi Sadashige is one the few swordsmith in Japan that can make Ranma-Sukasishi sword. he started studying make sword from his father when he was 15 years old. His father is also a famous swordsmith of Wakayama province, Adachi Sadagusu. After that, he became a student of Gassan Sadakazu and made Gassan style swords.

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