Kasyu Ju Kanewaka Samurai Sword Masterful Edo Craftsmanship with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certification


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Unveiling Excellence: Kasyu Ju Kanewaka Katana with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certification Delve into the world of extraordinary craftsmanship with the Kasyu Ju Kanewaka Katana, a mid-Edo period masterpiece that has earned the prestigious NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon certification for both the sword and tsuba. Craftsmanship Excellence: Signed with the inscription “Kasyu Ju Kanewaka Shiroemon, the 3rd generation,” this katana showcases exceptional craftsmanship categorized as excellent. The blade, slightly wide and thick, adopts a Keicho shinto-like shape, highlighting the meticulous artistry of the Edo period. Blade Details: The jigane, a beautiful blackishi, sets the stage for the niedeki notare and gunomemidare hamon, revealing the sword’s distinctive features. The boshi, elegantly rounded, adds a touch of refinement to this masterful creation. Historical Significance and Legacy: Kasyu Kanewaka, renowned for serving the Maeda family of the Kaga domain, holds a prominent place among the swordsmiths associated with the Maeda clan. As the best among them, Kasyu Kanewaka’s legacy is carried forward by the third generation, Shiroemon Kanewaka, who successfully obtained the title after his father’s passing. Known for his sharp, inverted clove patterns, Shiroemon Kanewaka is celebrated as a master, earning the title of ‘Kenwaka’s Most Skilled Blade Carver of All Time’ in the Kashu Shinto Taikan. Exceptional Koshirae: Complementing the remarkable blade is a shipo (western-style) issaku koshirae, featuring a mumei (Nagasaki Shippo) tsuba. Authenticated with NBTHK Hozon Paper, this katana’s historical and aesthetic value is further heightened. Specifications:
  • Nagasa (Blade Length): 68.6cm
  • Sori (Curvature): 1.7cm
  • Width at the Base: 3.1cm
  • Width at the Tip: 2.1cm
  • Thickness: 0.6cm
  • Weight of the Sword: 685 grams
Historical Era and Certification: Crafted around 1700, during the mid-Edo period, this katana comes with NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon paper for the sword and tsuba, affirming its authenticity and historical significance. Own a Piece of Edo Craftsmanship: Experience the allure of Edo craftsmanship with the Kasyu Ju Kanewaka Katana. Beyond being a sword, it is a testament to historical legacy and meticulous artistry. Acquire this masterpiece to own a tangib le connection to Japan’s rich swordsmithing heritage.
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