Impressive Japanese samurai armor from the Edo period the Kamon crest is Maru ni mitsuboshi (Onhold)

A very impressive original Japanese Samurai armor from the Edo period, made around 1770
Kamon crest is Maru ni mitsuboshi.
The representative family are Shibayama family and Kojima family.
Shibayama family is Hatamoto a direct vassal of the Tokugawa family , Kojima family too.
They lived in the shogunate’s territory, so there is no clan.
We don’t know the origin of this armor, but it’s possible Shibayama or Kojima used.
Russet iron 12plates sujibachi with shikatsuno maetate
Iron sabiiro lacquered ressei menpo
Iron black leather covered goishigashirazane 2maido
Iron black leather covered tousei sode
Iron black lacquered fukube kote
Leather black lacquered iyo haidate
Iron black lacquered shino suneate
All parts are original matching.
This real Japanese war armor was made between 1760 and 1780.
This beautiful armor comes in 2 original boxes and with the wooden stand.

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