Beautiful Japanese Wakizashi ore O-Sunobi Tanto Geishu-Ju Izumo No Daijo Masamitsu 1849


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Unlock the allure of an exceptional Japanese Wakizashi crafted by Geishu-Ju Izumo No Daijo Masamitsu in 1849AD. This masterpiece, bearing the Asano Daimyo’s early influence, stands as a testament to the smith’s exemplary skill and historical significance. Geishu-Ju Izumo No Daijo Masamitsu, also known as Ishibashi Masamitsu, was a highly regarded swordsmith during the Tenpō era (1830-1844). Trained under Motonaga in Ōsaka, Masamitsu earned recognition for his craftsmanship and dedication. His association with the Asano family, the daimyō of the Hiroshima fief, further elevated his standing. This Wakizashi, with its impressive length of 32.72cm, showcases Masamitsu’s early artistry. The blade, featuring dense ko-itame with ji-nie, exhibits a remarkable suguha or gunome in ko-nie-deki. The yakigashira of the gunome occasionally leans towards togari, adding a touch of uniqueness to this piece. The sword is accompanied by an original Paulownia koshirae, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship in every detail. Certified by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK), this Wakizashi is a coveted collector’s item. Its historical provenance, direct association with the Asano Daimyo, and Masamitsu’s early work make it a true gem for enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Japanese swordsmithing with this authentic Wakizashi. From the masterful strokes of Masamitsu’s blade to the elegance of the Paulownia koshirae, each element reflects the dedication and artistry of a bygone era. Add this exceptional Wakizashi to your collection and experience the legacy of Geishu-Ju Izumo No Daijo Masamitsu. A rare find for discerning collectors and enthusiasts seeking a piece of Japanese sword history.”

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