A beautiful Japanese Sword made by Mitsuhiro Hizen no Kuni in the year 1964 (Sold)

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Katana Hizen Mitsuhiro preserved sword This beautiful Sword comes with the NBTHK Hozon papers. Jidai 1964 Showa Ear  1964 Production area Country Saga Prefecture Saga place an order Features: Mitsuhiro Hizen no Kuni, whose real name is Fukutaro Yamaguchi, was born in Higashitsuura District Saga Prefecture in Meiji 31, and is a student of Akihide Kurihara a swordsmith who worked for the army. Blade length 68.7 cm Curvature Sori 2.1 cm Width at the hamachi 3.65 cm Base weight Kasane 9mm Tip width Wide with the Kissaki 2.55 cm Saki kasane 7.5mm Mekugi hole Mekugi 1 namuhachimandaibosatsu Meaning O Great God of Arms, I beseech your aid against my enemy!

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