A beautiful Japanese Samurai sword with a 2 body cutting test made by the Mino smith Kanehisa.


“coming soon from Japan, available for pre-sale”

This is a beautiful Japanese Samurai sword with a 2 body test There were several generations of Mino smiths who used Kanehisa’s mei in the Muromachi period. The NBTHK has attributed this work to the Kanehisa who were active around the Bunmei period (1469 – 1487). He came from the Mino Tokuin group of the Seki Shichi Ryu and is a respected creator. On the sword he signed Yasuhisa which he only did for a very very short time before changing to Hisahide. “Hisahide took over the former first name Kanjūrō of his father, and used first the name Yasuhisa (休久), followed by Narihisa (成久), before eventually arriving using the name Hisahide.” The 2 body test cut is a rare signature by Yamano Hisahide 3 rd gen Yamano. Tested March 1st of 1656. This beautiful blade comes with the NBTHK Hozon paper The beautiful Koshirae whas made for the imperial Toyatomi family. Comes with the NBTHK Tokubetsu paper. Mino swordsmith has been known as a sharp sword since that time. The evaluation is transferred to the present. As you know, the number of Mino Katana is surprisingly small and the number of Tanto produced is overwhelmingly large. The Mino swordsmith has been rated as a good sharpener , it has been very sharp since the Edo period. In peaceful times, sword commands have fallen sharply. This beautiful Japanese sword will arrive at Kyodai Originals in 4 weeks. If you have any questions you can always reach me.

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