Chiko Masashige O-Tanto: A Storied Relic from the Late Muromachi Period


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Unlock the legacy of Chiko Masashige, a master swordsmith from the Muromachi period (1501), with his renowned creation, the O-Tanto. Steeped in history and revered among enthusiasts, this blade stands as a testament to Masashige’s skill, rivaling even the famed Muramasa. Historical Significance: Chiko Masashige, son of Muramasa, crafted this O-Tanto during the late Muromachi period, approximately 520 years ago. Renowned as the “Seshu Kuwana Sumimuramasa,” it is believed to be a cherished possession of the Tokugawa family, adding to its historical allure. Unique Characteristics: Masashige’s work boasts a flat and twisted figure, revealing a sharpness that mirrors Muramasa’s distinct style. The center showcases the characteristic ship-shaped center, often referred to as the Muramasa center. The blade features precious metal akin to Muramasa, with boldly trained heather skin on a large plate. The straight eye skin, leaf print, and the distinctive bold mutual eye disordered blade contribute to its striking appearance. Metalwork and Inscription: The blade reveals many bold sand-casting metal rods, creating a distinctive pattern reminiscent of Muramasa’s craftsmanship. The inscription, carved with precision and artistry, adds to the dignified and tasteful allure of the blade. Masashige’s work is scarce, attributed to his role as a replacement for Muramasa during that era. Blade Specifications:
  • Blade Length: 32.2cm
  • Warp (Sori): 0.4cm
  • Type: Wakizashi
  • Motogasane: 0.4cm
  • Period: Late Muromachi period
  • Sakigasane: 0.35cm
  • Original Width (Motohaba): 2.7cm
NBTHK TokubetsuHozon Certification: This O-Tanto holds the prestigious NBTHK TokubetsuHozon certification, acknowledging its exceptional quality and historical significance. This certification solidifies its status as a prized artifact for discerning collectors and enthusiasts. Preserving History: Cherish the opportunity to own a piece of history with the Chiko Masashige O-Tanto. Its rarity, unique craftsmanship, and historical lineage make it a valuable addition to any collection. Acquire this storied relic and immerse yourself in the legacy of a bygone era.

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