Antique sword stand for Samurai sword, Tachi (太刀).


Antique sword stand for Samurai sword, Tachi (太刀).

The wood has a glossy coating with black lacquer.

People, landscapes and plants are designed with Raden (螺鈿, mother of pearl work) technique.

Guessing is a type of decorative style often used for traditional crafts.

It uses the pearl part of shells and inserts it into the engraved surface of lacquer or wood.

Thanks to its iridescent shine, it gives a luxurious look to work.

The shells are cut into different shapes and combined into completely different designs from the same material; this is one of the charms of Raden work.

Enjoy this item as the sword stand or an interior decoration in your room.

Because this product is antique, there are small scratches and dents on the wood.

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